#24 Kim Stolz (Cycle 5)

I don’t think there is one person in this entire world who doesn’t like Kim. I mean, she really stirred a lot up on her season, and I think she kicked ass. You have to be a total bad bitch to make out with a straight girl on national TV. Holla. But even though I wasn’t a huge fan of all pictures, I think she has gone SO far. I see her all over the place, which I can’t say for a lot of the other girls from ANTM. She’s working her shit.


My opinion on ANTM tonight:

1. Allison is perfect. I love that when all the other girls were fighting, she was fixing her hair.

2. Angelea is still on the show, for NO reason. She talks shit on every single girl, and got WAY too many chances.

3. I’ll miss Dominque.

4. Lisa is fucking hilarious. If she wins, I’ll be glad someone completely normal won.

5. Laura is still beautiful, even when she’s pissed.

Basically, I hate Angelea. And think she’s a bitch.


#25 Brooke Miller (Cycle 7)

I’m sorry.. but I don’t think there was one person in America who didn’t love Brooke. I mean, she was totally sweet, and so gorgeous. I don’t even know why she got sent home.. Her picture was definitely not THAT bad. I think Cycle 7 had a lot of ‘pretty girls,’ and not enough high fashion models.. and that definitely affected Brooke. But that being said, she looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL now. Good for you, girlfriend.


#26 Brittany Brower (Cycle 4)

I need to just say that Brittany should not have been the first one kicked off of ANTM All Stars. The only reason she did was because the “audience didn’t remember her.” BITCH, if I were in the audience I would remember her. I absolutely adored her on her season. I loved her energy, and how positive she was about everything going on. I always love the girls that are not just there to win the competition. I loved that her and Keenyah (#28) actually made a really good friendship. I’ll forever love you, Brittany! <3


#27 Clark Gilmer (Cycle 11)

I loved Clark as SOON as she dyed her hair dark brown. Something about her skin, her eyes, her hair, her body.. It was all just way too gorgeous. I had a lot of hope for her, but she began to go super flat and boring in her pictures. But I just have a soft spot for the country girl, so with those looks, how could I not love her instantly..


#28 Keenyah Hill (Cycle 4)

Let’s begin with just looking at the picture along with this post. Look how DAMN good she looks. Like seriously.. She looks better than she did during her cycle. I loved Keenyah her entire season because she wasn’t one of those ghetto plack girls that you see every season, who just start drama (that is not racist. I’m gay.. I love my black girls.) She was “dealing” with her weight towards the end of the season, which was ridiculous, considering how small she is.. but I thought she took amazing pictures. And I love her five finger forehead! <3


#29 Mckey Sullivan (Cycle 11)

Can I just start out by saying that Mckey is one of the NICEST women I have ever met? So, I work at a movie theatre, and I guess she lives in the same city as mine. Anyways, she always comes in with her husband, and obviously, the first time I saw her, I was like “OMG MCKEY FROM ANTM!” And she was SO sweet, and explained that her and her husband were getting married soon, and gave me a 5 dollar tip. Besides the fact that she lives in the same city as me, I just loved her the entire cycle. Like a lot of the girls throughout this top 35, I like the girls who don’t get into cat fights. I think it’s super respectable to be able to psycologically endure months with a whole bunch of random girls.. But that’s beside the point. She was fierce the entire season, and definitely one of the few models who show off their length and height.


#30 Katarzyna Dolinska (Cycle 10)

Besides the fact that it took me awhile to spell her crazy ass name, I loved Katarzyna. She was SO high fashion.. and I loved her quiet, simple personality. She never had drama with anyone. And even though I liked her with long hair more, she still looked hot as hell with short as hell (and I’m gay, so that’s saying something.) I wish she had more time on the show. I mean, it’s obvious that she’s still doing amazing.


#31 Jaslene Gonzalez (Cycle 8)

So I have the weirdest story about Jaslene. Basically, during Cycle 8, I had this English teacher who had this thick Mexican accent, and she looked SO much like Jaslene. Anyways, every week ANTM was on, she would tell us how Jaslene was doing on the show (Cause she was in love with her). When she won the cycle, our teacher gave us a week off of all work, and gave us all extra credit. Haha. Basically, I loved Jaslene for that.. but I also loved what she stood for. I loved that she knew who she was, and not once, did she let that go. I loved that she was a ‘cha cha diva!’ Not a lot of the girls on ANTM stay true to themselves the ENTIRE season. And her cheekbones.. UGH. <3 

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